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Make Money Doing what You Love

 Animal Lover?

Create a happier life playing with pets and earn money doing it.

Customize your Services

Decide which services you want to provide, like pet sitting, dog walking, and check-ins, and choose the breeds, weights, and ages of pets you are comfortable with.

Flexible Scheduling

Be a part of a team based environment. Each pet is assigned 2-3 pet sitters for maximum coverage. Open communication about scheduling leaves room for more flexibility.

Insured & Bonded

As a secondary form of insurance, we offer coverage under each booked request. For any questions please email us at

The Lifestyle of a Fetchvana Teammate: 

Enjoy more flexibility and financial freedom with Fetchvana. 

They are physically active.


Either being a part of team sports, cross fit or being a member of a gym. Our team understands that feeling good is a big part of our overall outlook on life and performance.


They have hobbies.


Doing the things they love to do makes our teammates happy. They make time for concerts, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and working on side projects. Happiness is contagious and pets love a happy pet sitter.


They lean on their team.


Fetchvana is different than most pet care services. We rely on a teamwork environment. Each pet is assigned 2-3 pet sitters for maximum flexibility and coverage. This requires open communication between teammates about scheduling and the well being of the pet under your teams care.


They are intuitive.


When it comes to animals, a lot of communication is through body language. Getting to know and understanding each pet is what makes each Fetchvana teammate irreplaceable. They are aware of their surroundings, understand what triggers each specific pet and follows their gut.

Tell us about your yourself. Complete the Fetchvana Application

Our Team
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