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Dog Walking

Dog Walking with Fetchvana is exclusively one-on-one with your main pup. 


They're used to walking with you alone, and we offer the same special attention with private walks. 


If you're a Proud Pet Parent to more than one pup, we accommodate for sibling walks as well.


Have questions, or just miss your dog? You can receive text and picture updates, or 

use our GPS feature to see where your pup went, and for how long. 

We highly recommend scheduling a free Meet and Greet, where a sitter will come over and meet both you are your dog prior to your first walk. This is best for everyone especially your pup.   

Creating a trusting relationship between your dog and walker will add to your peace of mind. 

Book a Meet & Greet

Please fill out the contact form to book a meet and greet.

A Fetchvana associate will be in touch to help match your pet with an appropriate sitter or walker. 

Success! Message received.

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