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Pet Sitting

Going on vacation? Visiting family? Traveling for work? 

Schedule a Pet Sitter with Fetchvana. 

We know that change of atmosphere, sound, and smell can contribute to any pet with separation anxiety. 

Your pet gets to stay in the comforts of their own home, sleep in their usual spots and keep a similar routine. 

While you're away you'll receive text and picture updates.

Pet Sitting can be customized based on hours, overnight stays, and dog walks. 

To best accommodate your pet's routine, we ask that you share special instructions in the notes section of your pet's profile. 

We highly recommend scheduling a free Meet and Greet, where a sitter comes over to meet both you and your pet. Introducing your pet and pet sitter will help determine if this is a good match. If not, that's okay too. Sometimes the first date just doesn't work out. No hard feelings. Schedule another meet and greet!  

Book a Meet and Greet

Please fill out the contact form to book a meet and greet.

A Fetchvana associate will be in touch to help match your pet with an appropriate sitter or walker. 

Success! Message received.

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