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Free Meet & Greets. 

Feel comfortable and confident by scheduling a free meet & Greet. Your chosen sitter will meet you and your furry friend to make sure the relationship is a good fit. At NO Charge! 

Top Dog

Fetchvanas' offers only One on One Walks

Providing the special attention your pup is used to. 

Paw Approved Sitters. 

Most of our sitters are local volunteers at the PSPCA in Fishtown Philadelphia. Gentle hearts gaining trust & experience of animals seeking loving homes. 

Flexible Scheduling

Book your sitter in advance or on-demand. Send out your request & a handful of sitters with open availability in your neighborhood will pop up. Book and Relax. 

Trust and safety 

Our walkers & Sitters are carefully vetted through the Fetchvana application process. 

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