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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Flexible Living. Happy Paws.

Fetchvana is Philly's custom pet care provider.  

Custom pet care designed for city dwelling pet parents and their pets. 

-No Group Walks   -Personalized Care   -Instant Updates

Our Story

We believe in creating a world of less stress and more happiness for pet parents & their pets. 

What We Do

We connect Philadelphia pet parents with caring local pet sitters. 

Local Love

Our sitters and walkers are educated at dog and cat behavior classes run by our local Fishtown SPCA. 


I'm Luna

I'm a fun loving Goldendoodle pup! My Mom and I live in Philly.


She had this crazy idea of getting me special human friends, who come to our home to play with me! They know exactly what I need. I love them so much!

Now we are spreading the love to other pet families. 

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