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Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

Is it separation anxiety or boredom?

As a local pet care business and with being around pets every day, we have been asked similar questions from pet parents. We use our own personal experience, dog trainer expertise, and research to help answer pet parents top questions and concerns.

symptoms of separation anxiety and boredom

We also understand that each pet has his or her own history, personality and quirks. The advice that is shared is what has worked for the majority of pet parents with similar questions. If you have tried what has been advised and nothing seems to be working, consistency is key! Trying multiple tips in a short amount of time is only going to confuse your pet. If you stick to one method for a longer amount of time, you’ll see a faster more lasting resolution.

Common symptoms of separation anxiety and boredom

  • Chewing – Bored

  • Whining – Separation anxiety

  • Barking – Separation Anxiety

  • Urinating inside – Separation Anxiety

  • Digging – Bored

  • Inability to drink fluids – Separation Anxiety

  • Attempting to escape crate – Separation Anxiety

  • Pacing – Bored

  • Getting into things – Bored

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