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Beers and Bones Leads to Adoption!

On Thursday October 5th the Fetchvana team hosted a fundraising event at Evil Genius Beer Co. to raise money for our local animal shelter, the PSPCA on Frankford Ave. There was an amazing turnout of humans and their dogs. We’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who came to support the Beers and Bones event, along with all the local businesses that donated items towards the fundraising raffle!

Visiting Philadelphia's SPCA

With everyone’s participation and generosity we were able to raise $300 for our local animal shelter! Which may seem like a small amount, but it made quite a big difference in a pet family's life!

Saturday October 7th in the early afternoon I entered the PSPCA shelter to pass over our donation funds from the event, when a very sweet family of three female generations walked in. They appeared to be on a mission and were drawn to one dog crate in particular. Being a completely curious and nosy person, I listened carefully to what these lovely ladies were saying. What I overheard made me compelled to help. What I didn’t realize was there were two dogs, not one!

Two miniature schnauzer brothers and a bonded pair!

Miniature schnauzers at PSPCA

In shelter lingo, a bonded pair means the two brothers could not be separated; they had to be adopted together. For a number of reasons, they may become depressed or anxious without the other by their side.

The monarch of the family, Tina, recently lost her oldest miniature schnauzer and was drawn to the shelter to find the schnauzer brothers. She told the story of how her good friend reached out to her the night before about two schnauzers that were on the radio, Todays96.5. Tina saw the Pet of the Week segment and knew she needed to meet them. She tracked down the pups to the PSPCA on Frankford Ave. It was a no brainer; the money raised at our event would go towards the brothers’ adoption!

How did these adorable pups end up in a shelter?

The two miniature schnauzers were found wondering around Lancaster, PA. They were taken to a local shelter that was unfortunately in the process of being shut down. The PSPCA decided that they would be the host of the Lancaster shelter pets. They have been transporting pets each week to the PSPCA shelter on Erie Ave. Among these pets were the two miniature schnauzers Tina needed in her life. She has since named them Tristan and Benny :)


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