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What to Pack When Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with your pet this upcoming holiday? Don’t forget their overnight bag!

Our dog Luna spends time in the car when we travel to see my parents on the lake in the Pocono Mountains or Greg’s parents down the shore at the beach. We keep Luna very active because she’s a curious pup who will get into things. After taking a few road trips, we have come up with a good list of things to pack when traveling with your dog for any overnight or long stay that help make our hosts and us feel more comfortable.

Collapsible crate – Luna has been crate trained from the day we brought her home. She can’t sleep without it. But her metal crate wouldn’t fit in the car so we looked into getting a soft collapsible crate. It does just the trick when we either need to put her away during dinner (not everyone wants a dog at the dinner table) and for when it’s time for bed.

Collapsible water bowl – We brought Luna to the beach and we’re having such a lovely time until we got home and realized she drank ocean water. Having a collapsible water bowl on hand will give your pup another option and will keep them hydrated on hikes, at the beach or during a pit stop.

Water bottles – This goes hand in had with water bowl. Having bottled water for drinking and cleaning can be a lifesaver.

Doggie wipes – Luna may have a dirt on her face, paws, and bum. Having doggie wipes is a quick and easy tool to clean off unwanted dirt and debris.

Spare towels – An absolute must! We bring about three spare towels just for Luna when we travel. We use them to line the car where she lays and to wipe her down from hosing off sand and dirt. We also don’t want to use up all of our parents’ towels.

Medications – Luna has allergies! We pack her medications like Zyrtec along with peanut butter because that’s the only way she’ll take them.

Easy to clean toys – Luna loves balls! In particular the Chuckit. It’s rubber, very bouncy, and floats so we can throw it into the water. They are also very easy to clean off opposed to a fuzzy tennis ball, which soaked and smelly after a few throws.

Hopefully this list of things to pack when traveling with your dog helps when you travel for your next holiday!

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