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The Best Type of Harness for Your Dog

Best harness for dogs

When it comes to purchasing a harness, there is no one style fits all. When our goldendoodle was between 8 weeks to 5 months we picked out a harness that looked cute and comfortable without thinking of training in mind- I mean she barely knew how to walk using a leash when we first got her.

As she grew we kept getting the same type of harness based on what we were used to. We started going to puppy obedience classes because our goldendoodle, Luna is very excitable and loves people so she's a bit of a jumper. The harness we were using for Luna would be considered a "nylon and fabric harness," comfortable, easy to clean, stylish and adjustable. So when Luna went to jump up on people it was hard to control her from a harness standpoint.

Our instructor offered advice based on Luna's behavior and recommended a front clasp harness or an "easy walk harness." The easy walk harness is meant to discourage pulling, great for training and is still comfortable. We have been using the easy walk harness for a week and though Luna is still getting used to it, she is more obedient on walks. She walks beside me instead of in front of me and there is absolutely no more pulling. Changing this little thing has improved our walks and relationship with Luna for the better. If you're not sure which harness style is right for dog, take a look at the chart below.

Which harness should you get for your dog?


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